Heliocentric Astrology
Essential Readings

There is only one way of doing anything, and that is knowing exactly what it is we want to do, and knowing exactly why we want to do it. All other doing is blundering.
Thomas Troward: "The Hidden Power"

You think that you want to do something, to have something.

Why do you think this? Because you have a fixed opinion of who you are.

And so it goes — your life is what it is because you think the way you do — imagining yourself to be a certain person, then living the life appropriate to that person.

But if you change this idea of yourself, your life must change accordingly. It really is that simple.

However — you cannot change your idea of yourself against your deepest belief in what is true. You may try, but the sincere, honest belief will always win. So you remain as you were, and your life goes on the same.

The trick is to understand that you must really and truly acquire a new idea of yourself, one that strikes you as an "Aha!" discovery of the hidden truth about yourself that was there all along.

And this true discovery of your truer self can only be done by a deep honesty that does not want to fool itself, but really wants to know the truth.

The Reader

My name is Robert. I offer a counseling psychology based upon a lifelong study of astrology, coupled with studies in philosophy, science, religion, and literature. I see each person as a variation of the one living soul who is a distant reflection of God, and within my limited understanding of this vast subject, I try to share the insights that I see.

I began my experimental study of astrology in 1970, and I began talking professionally with people in 1973. In 1980, I graduated to a heliocentric perspective, and since that time I have seriously refined my art.

After doing many thousands of readings over a span of four decades, I noticed that it had become a natural thing, an effortless ebb and flow like the tides, a simple communication that always went directly to the point.

What is a Reading?

A reading is a communication between you and me. From your birthdata, I calculate your heliocentric chart of conception, a picture of the heavens at the moment when you were conceived — as if we were standing on the Sun and looking at the planets against the backdrop of the galaxy, and treating this actual picture as if it had real meaning. I use this picture to see into your self, and then we talk about what this means in the real terms of your life.

I can just describe what I see, or we can have a lively conversation, with plenty of spontaneous questions and answers. Our telephone conversation can be recorded and emailed to you as an MP3 file. Or, if you prefer, we can forget the conversation, and I can send you a monologue reading on MP3, for your listening at leisure.

What does it cost?

For initial questions about the reading, feel free to email or call at any time, without charge.

Once you decide to order a telephone reading, the fee is $1.80 per minute for a reading of any length.

If you would rather not converse, but would prefer to hear the reading in privacy, I can send you a monologue MP3 about yourself within a few days of your online order. The fee for a 30-minute reading is $67.00. A 60-minute version is $116.00.

If you want to learn more, or to order a reading, please click on the "Services" link at the top of this page. If you want to talk to me now, please call 650-390-3370 or (toll-free, recorded) 888-353-8738 at any time.