You are ordering a Personal Yearly Forecast telephone reading from StarCenter. On the following pages, you may schedule the time and date of the appointment, along with any questions and concerns.

In general, the telephone appointments are available within three days of your order. If the issue is urgent, feel free to call me directly at (USA) 650-390-3370 at any time, and we'll try to set something up right away.

The forecast will illuminate the unfolding year — how you might wisely choose the new, alive opportunities being offered, and how you may counteract the tendency to continue in the already-dead past. Since you are interested enough in your future to spend the time and money for this reading, surely you must also be ready to choose, and fight for if necessary, the good new path.

Each year is truly a gift of life, a divine chalice filled to the brim with new feelings and new intelligence. But the backdrop to this beauty is the dullness of old habit, of complacent vanity, of fear masquerading as expertise. Therefore, lift the cup, and don't look back.