You are ordering a Personal Solar Return telephone reading from StarCenter. On the following pages, you may schedule the time and date of the appointment, along with any questions and concerns.

The Solar Return is a personal talisman for the year, a mental seed to incarnate what's ahead. As we converse about your year (its essense, shape, and nature), you will see how to go in a direction that works, rather than spin your wheels in repetitions of the past.

After a few of these illuminated years go by, you really get the hang of it, learning how to re-navigate the old terrain while trying something new. You balance the future (hopes and dreams) and the past (securities and habits), and thus create a truly living present time.

In general, the telephone appointments are available within three days of your order. If the issue is urgent, feel free to call me directly at (USA) 650-390-3370 at any time, and we'll try to set something up right away.

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