Collective World Forecasts



The Collective World Forecast is a detailed look at every calendar month or calendar year. It is an overview describing the nature, moods, thoughts, and actions of humanity as a whole. Insofar as you identify with this group mind, so does this energy-field affect your life.

But ultimately, this collective meandering is not directly about you per se, even as society's current notions are not necessarily your own. However, since we all are infuenced more or less by this surrounding mind, it helps us to know what it is doing, and how we might be unconsciously going along with its assumptions. This brief glimpse helps you to know the lay of the land, to look ahead with some reassurance as you place your bet on the unknown.

Each timely overview is based upon a psychological and philosophical interpretation of the heliocentric sidereal planetary transits and configurations at various times. The interpreter is myself, Robert, a student of this lore since 1970. The forecast is presented as a binaural stereo audio mp3 file of variable duration, between 30 and 90 minutes in length, for your listening at leisure.

In this study, you will understand the particular, up-close feeling or nature of the month or year, along with a detailed chronology. The general tone attempts to be holistic, so that each energy-gestalt naturally includes its own best solution or strategy.

Upcoming forecasts are listed below.



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