As the natal reading is the still, unchanging, quiet blueprint describing and symbolizing your perennial true character, so is the yearly forecast a one-year modification and expression of that essential plan. The still, small voice in the center unfolds as the happenings and details of the year.

Being, seen through time, is becoming, and you become what you thought right or necessary to do. Or, if your mind is in a self-made conflict, then you find what you never wanted to find, bewailing your fate. But these timely, year-long dramas are all telling you, showing you, who you are. In the end, it is just you doing you, and there is no one else doing anything to you. The self is one, it makes itself, and the happiness begins when this is finally realized. Then, the gifts of the year are seen for what they truly are — precious gifts, birthday presents from Heaven and from your own future wisdom, just for the sheer love of it.

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