If you have already ordered a natal reading, your chart will be on file, and you may order the Relocation reading.

If you have not yet ordered a natal reading, you may do so here.

The Relocation analysis looks at your chart in various places. As you travel, the chart-wheel turns, bringing out a different part of your nature in each place. These changes are accurately described in the Relocation reading.

You may specify your own interest in this ---whether to look for the best places anywhere in the world, or to focus on a particular area or country, or perhaps look at some chosen parameters, i.e. "sunny places everywhere," or "best financial opportunities in the USA," or "anyplace by the sea with warm weather." The choice is yours.

This analysis requires extra study and calculation time for me, and that is why it is a bit more expensive than most readings.

The reading is based upon a philosophical, psychological, and intuitive translation of your heliocentric chart of conception into its geocentric geographical analogue within the field of your interest. Even though the analysis is technical, the reading is spoken in a direct and simple manner, helpful on whatever level is needed.

Some of my clients order the 30-minute Relocation reading, to quickly determine the best place of the moment, or to gain a quick preview of a planned destination. Others order the 60-minute version when the intention is more vital, long-ranging, complex or profound.

In general, the telephone or mono readings are available within three days of your order. If the issue is urgent, feel free to call me directly at (USA) 650-390-3370 at any time, and we'll try to set something up right away.