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The Yearly World Forecast is a useful guide for the coming year. This study is collective, not individual. It describes what everybody will be thinking and doing, insofar as they unconsciously go along with the collective trends. Whereas an individual, aware of these possibilities, might choose or reject them, as desired.

Each yearly overview is based upon a psychological and philosophical interpretation of the heliocentric sidereal planetary transits and configurations during the year. The interpreter is myself, Robert, a student of this lore since 1970. The forecast is presented as a binaural stereo audio mp3 file, usually between 30 and 60 minutes in length, for your listening at leisure.

I think that the solar system, centering on the Sun, is an apt model for the character structuring of human beings, themselves centering upon God, upon the ideal human archetype, or upon their current notion of who they want to be. Watching the planets go around the Sun is the same as watching mankind circulate through his multitudinous ideas, emotions, and actions, all flowing together into the dubiously-chronicled and ephemeral patchwork called history.

For someone who grew up inside of society's bubble and never figured his way out of it, this prognostication might represent 95% of his experience during the year. For a self-reliant individual, the forecast might represent 10% of his experience, the social part that he freely and fairly allows in his life.

Certainly, in this brief projection, I cannot do justice to a full year's changes and experiences. So I will focus mainly on the growth side of things, of how the year will present the opportunities to improve oneself; and then, this accomplished self-improvement will bring a better life in every way.

At the same time, I will briefly mention the low points and danger-points of the year, in order to avoid them by the only way possible, i.e., to become mentally higher than them, so that you would never accept or believe in such unworthy things.

In this study, you will understand the general tone of the year. The Monthly World Forecasts will delineate the details.

2020 Forecast
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