Solar Return


The Solar Return, beginning on your birthday, is a personal guide for the coming year.

When you were conceived, the earth (seen from the Sun), was aligned with a particular star. Maybe not a bright star, maybe a star without a name but a unique little light, essential to your life.

Every year at your birthday, the earth comes around again, and once again conjoins this star. It might be said that a divine spark leaps between that star and the earth, and the twinkle of that light becomes your new thought for the year.

I think that the stars and planets, circling around forever, operate through electrodynamics of a higher order. Like electrostatically-charged spheres, they affect one another with their vectors and fields; only they are charged with a finer order of energy than the electrical, perhaps an energy that verges into subtle ether, and later into Mind itself.

In reading this heliocentric sidereal return chart, I look at its geographical analogue in your birthplace, then secondarily in your current location, and also in the place where you momentarily were on your birthday itself. All three perspectives are necessary, and are blended into the synthesis of the reading.

One detail --- your sidereal birthday can vary slightly from the original. As you age, it gets later and later. By the time you turn 35, it is about 12 hours later than the original. At 70, a whole day later. I will let you know the exact time and date.

This reading is more simple, essential, and down to earth than the Personal Yearly Forecast. The latter goes into much detail, while this reading remains understandable and rememberable as a complete and whole picture, a certainty and feeling-mood that you will recognize, day by day, as the year unfolds.

Some of my clients order the 30-minute Return, to quickly understand the big picture of the year. Others order the 60-minute version when the intention is more vital, long-ranging, complex or profound.

In general, the telephone or mono readings are available within three days of your order. If the issue is urgent, feel free to call me directly at (USA) 650-390-3370 at any time, and we'll try to set something up right away.

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