If you have already ordered a natal reading, your chart will be on file, and you may order the Personal Yearly Forecast.

If you have not yet ordered a natal reading, you may do so here.

The Personal Yearly Forecast is a guide for the coming year, or for any chosen year. You may specify any beginning date for the forecast, future or past. If you do not specify, it will begin on the day when I send it to you.

The yearly forecast delineates the general trends, ups and downs, opportunities and challenges of the annum. You may specify the tone of the forecast, such as "tell me everything," or "no bad news; just the good, happy things," or "emphasis on financial opportunities," etc. Feel free to specify what you like.

This forecast is derived from a careful technical study of heliocentric planetary transits to your natal helio chart of conception. Because this technique is unknown to the mainstream astrological community, it will give results that they cannot see.

In the early part of the forecast, we will see a general overview of the year, a containing concept of its overall meaning and tone. The latter part will outline the particular times and details in chronological order.

The basic idea behind the forecast is this — it is faith that works miracles, faith that gives power to our lives. In this age of unguided individual self-direction, for most people faith must be developed through proven and reliable knowledge. When you watch the year unfold and see a few of these forecast predictions coming true, you develop a tested and experiential faith in the forecast that gives you confidence and the power to make things happen as you believe. You put a bit of truth (true prediction) in front of your desire, and your desire is drawn by this truth to pursue and manifest more along its lines. This increase in self-confidence must always result in greater works reflecting the power and self-respect of this happy self. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and the happily confident winners get even more confidence for further wins.

This analysis requires extra study and calculation time for me, and that is why it is a bit more expensive than most readings.

The reading is based upon a philosophical, psychological, and intuitive translation of your heliocentric chart of conception into its changing temporal analogue within the field of your personal year. Even though the analysis is technical, the reading is spoken in a direct and simple manner, helpful on whatever level is needed.

Some of my clients order the 30-minute Forecast, to quickly understand the big picture of the year. Others order the 60-minute version when the intention is more vital, long-ranging, complex or profound.

In general, the telephone or mono readings are available within three days of your order. If the issue is urgent, feel free to call me directly at (USA) 650-390-3370 at any time, and we'll try to set something up right away.